The Eco-Bottle | A Plastic-Free, Plant-Powered Bottle

Say hello to our sustainably-made Eco-Bottle – a stylish, eco-friendly solution for staying hydrated. 

Don’t let day to day routines get in the way of caring for the environment. Our Eco-Bottle is the perfect everyday water bottle to keep you hydrated whilst at home, in work or at the gym. At 650ml / 22oz, it’s the perfect size for carrying around. It’s designed in Sweden, and has a simple, stylish feel to it that makes it a great present for friends and family. Composed of natural materials with sustainability considered throughout it’s production, the Eco-Bottle has minimal impact on the environment, meaning you can drink happily knowing you are helping to do your bit.

So, what exactly makes the Eco-Bottle “eco-friendly”? To be eco-friendly, a product must be designed to do the least possible damage to the environment. Let’s look at how the Eco-Bottle achieves all of this, from the materials it is made from to the energy used to produce it.

1. Made from plants

This consciously-crafted bottle is composed of 98% sugar cane biomass which would otherwise become waste. It also has a natural cork top which adds to the overall design. By using plant-based materials such as these, this Eco-Bottle provides a plastic-free alternative to other water bottles and helps to minimise waste.

2. Made with renewable energy sources

Each bottle is manufactured using more than 70% renewable energy, that comes from solar panels installed in the factory roof. This means the bottle’s carbon footprint is at net zero (approximately -2.37kg per kg of material to be precise).

Not only does the manufacturing process of our Eco-Bottle aim to minimise carbon emissions, but the bottle also reduces the need for unnecessary transportation of bottled water from overseas, as the Eco-Bottle is designed to be reused.

3. Reduce landfill & plastic pollution

No more single-use plastic. No more unnecessary waste being sent to landfill. This Eco-Bottle is designed to be reused without being thrown away! It’s design is really easy to keep clean. Simply wash it out and dry regularly to keep it fresh and smell-free. Unlike traditional plastic water bottles, the Eco-Bottle won’t lose shape and rigidity over time, plus it’s free from harmful Bisphenol A (BPA) commonly found in PET plastics.

plastic bottle waste

4. Give back to the community

Giving back to the community is one of our 5 sustainability commitments so is a key part of our mission to becoming amore sustainable brand. You can read more about this commitment here.

This Eco-Bottle is no different. The production of these bottles helps to supports Trees for the Future, an organisation on a mission to end hunger and poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land. Since 1989, Trees for the Future has supported communities in Africa, Asia and Central America by providing training and planting nearly 180 million trees.


Hydration is very important for your health, but what if you could have a bottle that supported not only your own health but the health of the planet too? Our Eco-Bottle is one small step to doing this. Each bottle is made from plant-based materials that would otherwise have become waste, and is made using renewable energy. By choosing to drink from the Eco-Bottle, you are making a daily conscious decision to reduce single-use plastic, minimise waste, and support sustainable manufacturing. Fill yours with water or your favourite juice to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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