6 Ways Veganism Helps the Environment | With Lara Jackson

Join Zoologist and Conservation Biologist Lara Jackson as she shares the top 6 reasons why going plant-based can be the best thing you do to help protect the planet's biodiversity.

2020-06-15 17:59:43 By Arabella Ogilvie


Berry & Maple Chia Pudding Recipe

Desserts derailing your diet? Bored of the same old breakfast? Lucky for you, this berry & maple chia pudding will shake things up a bit.

2021-02-22 18:02:08By Jenessa

Vegan Diets & Gut Health | Myvegan


Can a Vegan Diet Improve Gut Health?

Our Registered Nutritionist discusses the link between vegan diets and gut health.

2021-04-19 15:38:36By Rachel Greene


Giving Back To The Community

We are proud to share the work we are doing to support communities from the UK to India, by partnering with organisations like rePurpose Global and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

2020-09-01 00:10:35 By Jennifer Blow