Our current recyclability state

Myvegan is proud to bein partnership with RePurpose Global, a global charity committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste in the oceans and landfill.

This partnership means that we at Myvegan are the World’s First Plastic Neutral Sports Nutrition Brand, funding the production of brand-new, life changing infrastructure & removal of plastic in the environment, equal to the amount we use throughout our operations. As a result, every purchase from Myvegan carries a net-zero plastic footprint. Find out more about our Plastic Neutral partnership with RePurpose here.

See below the full recyclability credentials of our packaging for each product type.

Recyclability PDF Recyclability plan

What's Next?

As a brand we’re always reviewing our recyclability state and setting out ambitious plans for a more sustainable future. We’re currently working on new packaging solutions to eliminate waste, and by 2023 our packaging will be 100% recycle ready.

While we work towards our 100% recycle ready packaging goal, we want to ensure our customers are able to correctly dispose every Myvegan product they purchase. As a solution, we’re launching our RecycleMe scheme that allows customers to send back their empties to us for FREE, so packaging can be re purposed. Mail It, Melt It, Make It. Coming Soon.