A Plant-Based Vegan Diet For Fitness | Giuseppe’s Story

giuseppe, our vegan influencer, in activewear

Giuseppe (@giuseppefederici1), decided to become vegan just over three years ago. As a fitness and food lover, Giuseppe tells us about the benefits he has found from a vegan diet for fitness.

When and why did you choose to become vegan?

I have been vegan for just over 3 years. People decide to follow a vegan diet for different reasons such as animal rights, the planet, or personal health. For me, it was originally for health, as I became interested in the link to certain diseases from diets high in animal products. As I did more research, read lots of books, and watched several documentaries, I also became more passionate about the environmental and ethical arguments in favour of a plant-based diet, and now all of my family is vegan.

Did you notice becoming vegan had any positive effects on your health?

Although I believe a vegan diet significantly improves your long-term health prospects, by reducing your risk of many diseases, I also noticed numerous physical improvements within weeks of adopting the diet. My skin cleared up, my slight eczema disappeared, and my digestion improved. I also felt much more clarity mentally, better recovery in the gym, and generally more full of energy.

Giuseppe's Vegan Story

I also felt much more clarity mentally, better recovery in the gym, and generally more full of energy.

Do you find it difficult to get all the nutrients you need in your diet? (If you do/don’t, why?)

As with any diet, it’s important to get all the essential nutrients we need. You can get everything you need from a plant-based diet, apart from some vitamins that are difficult to get adequately on ANY diet, such as Vitamin D (from the sun) and B12 (it is recommended that everyone supplements with this regardless of diet due to its limited availability in Western diet). At first it can be difficult, but I try to aim for a wide range of colours and varieties of fruits and vegetables.

What are your top 2 tips for someone who is considering trying veganism?

Do your research! Lots of people may want to try a vegan diet for a short period of time and give up because they found it too hard. It’s important to educate yourself on WHY you want to go vegan, whether it is for health, environmental, or ethical reasons as this helps to keep you motivated.

Also take it slow and make little swaps to make it feel less daunting, eg swap out cow’s milk for your preferred non-dairy milk, butter, cheese etc.

Take it slow and make little swaps to make it feel less daunting

What is your favourite MyVegan Product and why?

My favourite Myvegan product is by far the Vanilla Soy Protein Isolate – it’s so versatile, just the right sweetness, and goes well with pretty much anything! I like to have it either with ice cold water after the gym for a quick shake, or in a smoothie bowl with frozen bananas for a creamy dessert. This is closely followed by the Vegan Protein Cookie.

If you could give one piece of advice to your followers, what would it be?

Try to worry less about what people think and pay more attention to who you might inspire.

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Kat Myers